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7 x 27 ft. Oil on Canvas.

About the PAINTING

THEME: The Abrahamic Covenant with a Focus on Redemptive Analogies in Relation to World Missions.

A "Redemptive Analogy" is a general revelation knowledge of God, the Creator.

It is something placed in a culture, by God, that connects people to the message of Jesus so they can understand and accept it.




Taken from The Promise Story Book.

"In   the beginning there was God and in the mind of God there was a plan.

He wanted to have multitudes of people to be with Him—people as perfect and pure as He is. 


In the beginning the plan was Jesus.


Many Christians think that bringing the message of Jesus to the world is the result of the words that He spoke before His ascension when He said, “Go into the whole world….”


Many believe that Missions is an afterthought that He had at the end of His ministry and that it was a totally unprecedented idea. But Jesus said what He did because of what God said long ago to a man called Abraham.


The main theme of the Bible is God blessing all peoples of the earth. God articulated that plan through a Blessing promised and recorded in Genesis chapter 12. The previous chapters are like an introduction setting the stage and showing the need for this encounter between God and a man.


The Abrahamic Covenant is often referred to as “The Promise” or “The Promises” because it includes many promises that together constitute one great coherent Purpose of God.


The various promises contained in this covenant can be arranged under two main headings—the TOP LINE and the BOTTOM LINE—each flowing side by side through the pages of scripture and history. One day the two will be joined in a great and joyous wrap-up day because God’s eternal Covenant purpose and the missionary mandate has been accomplished. 


And so, with this in mind, God began to create.  

And so, the drama unfolds…"


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